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Leela in Rio

USC student Leela, is currently on her GO Program semester in Rio De Janeiro – read all about her adventures at:

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Amy at Lousiana State University

I’m doing my semester abroad at Louisiana State University in southern USA and I’m having the time of my life! Louisiana is known for their ‘southern hospitality’ because the people here are so friendly and go out of their way to make your visit a memorable one.  

LSU is situated in a college town where everything is designed for students. There is always something to do every day of the week! LSU fits every American college stereotype  – traditions, keg parties, beer pong, red cups, American football, frat boys and sorority houses.. It feels like I’m in an American movie every day, it is all so much fun!!!!

I’m only an hour away from New Orleans and I’ve also been able to travel easily and affordably  all over the states during my time here. Next week I’m going to Cancun, Mexico for Spring Break!! I’ve met so many new people, learnt so much and made enough memories to last a lifetime. I recommend the USC GO program to everyone.


Melissa’s Mexican blog…

USC student Melissa, is currently studying on an exchange semester at one of USC parnter universities in Mexico – Tec De Monterrey- Queretaro.

This blog and her amazing photos, show the beauty of the people, landscape and architecture in Mexico and are a record of her travels through the region… take a look





Starting at NCSU :)

My semester at North Carolina State University started in a whirlwind of exploring the huge campus, class preparation and sorting myself out for the semester ahead.

NCSU is the epitome of the American college: expansive dining halls, dorm rooms, hundreds of facilities and a culture absorbed in sporting pride. I have been to 3 football games and seen the crazed fans fill the stadium, the band piping up for every touch-down and the cheerleaders and dancers moving just as much as the players. Opportunities to play sports are also wide and varied, with intra-mural teams free to join. Want to play Quidditch? There is also a team for that and just about every imaginable sport. I play in a volleyball and soccer team, just for fun, and along with the huge gym and all its facilities, staying fit is not a problem. The campus cinema is another great way to entertain yourself, with movies priced at $1.50 and only a minute’s walk away.

Staying in an International dorm makes this experience all the more rewarding as I have made friends with Americans and people from all over the world. It can be a bit squishy, but your friends are only a walk to the next floor! Of course, you can’t come to America without laying praise on the food and cheap prices! Yes, fast-food is prevalent and definitely the cheapest method of eating out. You can afford to go crazy shopping because prices of a lot of items are half of what we would pay back in Oz, be it food, travel or clothing. I went to Orlando for Fall Break on a tight budget and had no problem sticking to it! (Well, Harry Potter World did have a bit of splurging involved…). Seeing a few of the Disney Worlds was amazing, like living out a childhood dream and one of my most valued experiences to date.

Night life in Raleigh makes every weekend an event, with nearly all clubs 18+ for those who can’t yet drink… sigh. Being knee-deep in homework and assessment is tough when all I want to do is have fun, but school is not too hard and keeping up with work takes only a little bit of concentration. Sometimes a big ask when living with a bunch of other international students!

Until more happens here in Raleigh, I’d best be off to get on with life in the States!