It has been exactly a month since I arrived in Norway. I am on exchange here at in Sogndal at the Sogn og Fjordane University College. They have this really hands on practical course which I am doing called From Mountains to Fjord, the course is run every Fall Semester (August-December). So far we have more time out in the field doing studies than actual time in a classroom.

It is GREAT! It is the 10th year that this course has been run here at the university college and upon our arrival they put on a weekend of celebration, the YouTube Video that I have put together can be watch here:

The town where I live has ~6000 people and~2500 Students, so it is mainly a town full of university students! So asyou can imagine it is a very social town that doesn’t sleep very often. The surroundings here are just stunning, the fjords drop down to 260m depth while the mountians shoot straight up to 900m right out of the deep fjord.
Most of the international students (~45) are very active so we spend most of the spare time out climbing the mountains for riding our bikes around the edges of the fjords. Check out the things that we have been up to so far!!
Stedjesen Hike

Ride to Fjord

One of the most memorable moments so far is having the opportunity to spend two days hiking on the Smørstabbreen Glacier

It was in our first week of class! I am loving the opportunity to spend so much time out of the ordinary classroom and getting in the field learning the practical things along with
the theory this technique will be so beneficial later on!
My time over here so far has been so great… when you GO you may not want to come back.
Other videos of my time in Norway:

Bergen Hiking

Brenton Owens