I am already half way through my six month stay in Japan and I don’t want to leave! I originally applied to go to Tokyo and was a little disappointed when I found out there were no places available in a Tokyo university but now I could not be happier that I’m living Kyoto. Kyoto is a really beautiful city there is so much to see. I was lucky enough to be here throughout November when the autumn leaves were out and it was so amazing, something I had never seen before in Australia.

I have also learnt so much Japanese since coming here; it is so different studying a language in-country than studying at home, so much better! Uni in Japan is quite a lot of work but fun, we have language classes from 9 to 12 Monday to Friday then each afternoon off. We also have a different teacher everyday and they are all lovely. And the classes are completely in Japanese which is really good.

Also there are so many exciting places to visit, public transport is really convenient and easy in Japan so you can go to a different city every weekend or do road trips with Japanese friends, which I have been lucky enough to do, Japanese people are so friendly!

Tiyanah 🙂