After yesterday the 4th of November, the International day at Ajou University, I cannot recommend strongly enough that Ajou is the place to study over the Fall Semester.

 Yesterday was such an excellent day that makes me thankful and privileged to be on the GO Program. Over 500 or so students representing 30-40 countries yesterday had the chance to display food, wear traditional costumes, showcasing traditional dances and just being able to enjoy a day full of diversity.

 It is a day where you get to taste, see and enjoy the company of wonderful friends and just have world experience. It was a beautiful autumn day here in Suwon in South Korea and I tell you, you just have to be here to experience the love, fun; excitement and being amongst diverse people and cultures.

 I had the opportunity to represent Australia and Vanuatu. Since I was the only one from the Oceania region, I was allocated two student volunteers from Ajou and we managed to rig up some sausage sizzle and burgers as Aussie food and cooked prawns in Coconut milk as Vanuatu food. Before I came here, I also gathered a lot of souvenirs, books, photos and practically anything from the two countries that I thought would be of help in telling everyone about these two beautiful countries. There were so many many people interested to know about the two countries and I was a proud to be an Ambassador for both!!

 It was wonderful experience as all your new friends are interested to know more about where you come from. Visiting each others booths, tasting the country’s food, heated wines, vodka shots and dancing to different countries music J. The day ended with performances from different countries and partying. It has been such a wonderful day that contributes to making this GO experience an unforgettable one. This is a reason why the GO program is an experience of a lifetime and I cannot stress enough that Ajou University International day is a day you would never want to miss so apply and come and study in Ajou next Fall!