It’s been ages since my last blog, so much has happened, were to start!

After I returned from Spain I moved out of student accommodation and into an apartment with a Aussie and his Swedish girlfriend. Summer didn’t kick in until July really; however we went to the beach a couple of times in June. Halmstad is a total summer town and the population swells over June, July and August! The nightclubs swell and it’s a big buzz in Halmstad and Tylosand (Sweden’s Ibiza you could say).

Mid July I headed off to Hong Kong and Thailand. Hong Kong trip was to help out an old employer and I flew down to Thailand to meet up with my sister. It was great to get some surfing and sun in after months out of the ocean!

 Once I returned from Asia I went straight to Warsaw in Poland. My Swedish girlfriend was working there for a few months over summer and it was a great opportunity to see another culture than Sweden. I spent two months living in Warsaw and it was amazing! I totally fell in love the city. The culture is amazing and the people so friendly. Drinks and dining out was so cheap compared to Sweden and Australia by that matter. I think we out 6 nights a week usually at our favourite sushi place. The night clubs were totally cool with such a different atmosphere to Sweden, the Polish know how to party and drink VODKA!

 It was sad to leave Poland and head back to school in Halmstad but that’s what I am here for. I’m now spending some time in Helsingborg where my girlfriend lives. In Helsingborg you can see Helsingor, Denmark across the channel and it’s about $10 for a return ticket. Last saturday we headed to Copenhagen (1hr by train from Helsingor) for the day to shop and have lunch.

This is what I really love about Europe; it’s only a hop skip and jump to another country, culture and language. I’ve only got a couple of months left now, so I am just trying to make the most out of my experience. Before I know it I will be back on the coast and at USC for my last semester.