Spending a birthday and Easter away from always makes me kinda homesick. My new Swedish friends however helped me keep homesickness at bay, with the help of a little Pask Most (Swedish Easter drink).

Glad Pask (Happy Easter) is Sweden is more of a big deal than a home. Families all get together for the weekend and eat typically Swedish food such as meatballs, salmon and sill. All the trees in the town have colorful chicken feathers intertwined in the branches making them very colorful. This gives a real festival feeling.

An Easter tree...

The Swedes don’t really give chocolate molded Easter eggs as we do in Australia however have these large plastic eggs which they fill with a variety of chocolates and candy.

I was lucky enough to combine my birthday (grattis på födelsedagen) with a Swedish friend of mine. It was a cool pre-party then we all headed to Roberts (a local café which turns into a nightclub once a month). I like that about Sweden things aren’t always as they seem. Cafés sell alcohol and sometimes becomes a bar on particular days of the month. It would be weird at home going to coffee club on a Saturday night to party. The most interesting thing I found when Swedes sing you happy birthday you have to sit and they stand over you it’s a different feeling.

I had a great night and my friends helped me feel better about turning 26.

I’m off to Spain at the end of the month and hopefully get some warm weather it’s still around max +10 here.